haha (o0h_kcuf_em_h0o) wrote,


holy shit. frankie and i went to the san diego county fair and waited for fuckin four hours to see new found glory. i dont really listen to them much but i went for fun. plus it was fuckin FREE. it was the shit; holy balls. we were dead smack right in the front middle and saw them perfectly. the pits were goin off. frankie and i were fuckin pushing everyone, so fuckin bomb. i survived in a mini skirt and sandles. dont know why i fuckin wore that, i really wanted to kick people. me and frankie were all trying to carry our purses...there were mini-wheats in my purse and at the end of the show they were all smashed. it was hardcore. mini-skirts & mini-wheats rool. cant wait until a hardcore show :]
-trish <33
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