haha (o0h_kcuf_em_h0o) wrote,

holy shit this is a long one.

oh my gosh. mai and i are loving fashion-design camp at FIDM.

The First day; we meet lots of peoples.
some people that talked to us were like famous...one guy was on designers challenge on hgtv a couple times and others pick clothes, do makeup, and make clothes for famous people.

The Second day; mai and i did projects together. funness. after we went to the irvine spectrum and shopped forever. there are so many hott boys in OC. URBAN OUTFITTERS is my favorite store fo life nucka. i got new kix, but then i returned them. they were hardcore but i needed my 56 bling bling back. i saw the most hottest boi in the world at urban outfitters. ai ai. mai and i saw DUMB and DUMBERER tooo funny. OHHHH then i got my haircut at PAUL MITCHELL..i lava it like a fat kid loves cake.

The Third day; mai and i made a aXc room. youll be soo proud of ur gurls frankie + sophia. then we went on a field trip to South Coast Plaza, the RICHEST mall in AMERICA. after this famous lady from SEPHORA [<3 that store toooo] gave me a makeover. after clase me ivy [mi sistah] & mai went to in-n-out [frances that reminds me when you told me that sophias mom asked if you guys wanted it...and you screamed: YESSSS!!]
mai made me barf soo much...she made my ribs hurt like a mofo...while i was eating cup of noodles. too asian. we went into rite-aid and bought stuff...then we forgot to buy CUP OF NOODLES for the nite. so we go back in line-2 asian gurls buying 4 cup of noodles. hoolyy shiitt my biggest nitemare.

-trish <333 i miss the nites watching the disney channel and eating in my bed at 3 in the morning.
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